Project Reviews is a process within OWASP to help evaluate the health and quality of OWASP projects.

The evaluation is based on a defined criteria which attempts to find out the progress and at which stage of development are the projects.

This is the original plan:


Projects are divided in 4 main categories:

  • Code

  • Documentation

  • Research

  • Tools

These are the 4 main development classifications

  • Incubators

  • LAB

  • Flagship

  • Inactive

Quality of a Code/Tool projects

This kind of evaluation requires more work.

It is necessary to download, install and smoke test the project.

For Code and Tools projects holding Flagship status, we closely monitor their health every 6 months.

For Documentation projects we are working on the development of an adequate assessment criteria.
The following is a draft in PDF format of the new process proposal:
Proposal for Reviewing OWASP Document projects