List of Information Security Professionals that volunteered to review at least one project.

Enrico Branca

Enrico Branca is an experienced researcher with specialist knowledge in Cyber Security. He has been working in Information Security for over a decade with experience in Software Security, Information Security Management, and Security Research. He has been trained and worked in various roles during his career, including Senior Security Engineer, Security Architect, Disaster Recovery Specialist, and Microsoft Security Specialist. He is always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Project Reviewed
2015-11-12: OWASP AppSensor
2015-11-12: OWASP CSRFGuard
2015-11-12: OWASP Dependency Check
2015-11-12: OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set (CRS)
2015-11-12: OWASP OWTF
2015-11-12: OWASP Web Testing Environment (WTE)
2015-11-12: OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP)
2016-01-19: OWASP Broken Web Applications
2016-01-19: OWASP Development Guide
2016-01-19: OWASP Java HTML Sanitizer
2016-01-19: OWASP Mutillidae II
2016-01-19: OWASP PHPRBAC
2016-01-19: OWASP Rails Goat
2016-01-19: OWASP Security Logging
2016-01-19: OWASP SeraphimDroid
2016-01-19: OWASP Vulnerable Web Applications Directory
2016-01-19: OWASP WEBGOAT
2016-01-19: OWASP ZSC Tool
2016-01-27: OWASP Wapiti
2016-01-27: OWASP Bywaf
2016-01-27: OWASP Hatkit Datafiddler
2016-01-27: OWASP Hatkit Proxy
2016-01-27: OWASP Proxy
2016-01-27: OWASP ASIDE
2016-01-27: OWASP Esapi Ruby
2016-01-27: OWASP EnDe
2016-01-27: OWASP PCI Toolkit
2016-01-27: OWASP Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework
2016-01-27: OWASP SafeNuGet
2016-01-27: OWASP KALP Mobile
2016-01-27: OWASP PHP Security
2016-01-27: O-Saft
2016-01-28: OWASP WhatTheFuzz
2016-01-28: OWASP Pygoat
2016-01-28: OWASP Software Assurance Maturity Model (SAMM)
2016-01-28: OWASP STeBB
2016-01-28: OWASP NINJA PingU
2016-01-28: OWASP Hardened Phalcon
2016-01-28: OWASP Path Traverser
2016-01-28: OWASP Odz MultiCMSScanner
2016-01-28: OWASP Passfault
2016-01-28: OWASP WASC Distributed Web Honeypots
2016-01-28: OWASP Droid 10
2016-01-28: OWASP Click Me
2016-01-28: OWASP ASVS Assessment tool
2016-01-28: OWASP Bricks
2016-01-28: OWASP GoatDroid
2016-01-28: OWASP AJAX Crawling Tool
2016-01-28: OWASP Faux Bank
2016-01-28: OWASP Secure the Flag Competition